The Pakky Story

How it Started

We used to enjoy a bowl of Açaí with cassava bread, kwakka (cassava farine) or rice. We missed this so much so we started importing Açaí to still our hunger for this natural delicasy. We suddenly recognized that what we knew as Açaí is now classified as super-food and becomes very popular especially in the US and now spreading across Europe. We decided that we should promote Açaí. Not even primarily for the health benefits and super food claims. In fact we simply want to share this genuine natural and uncommon flavor with the rest of the world.

Mission & Vision

We strongly believe that sustainable growth starts from the source and walks it way throughout the entire life-cycle of a product. We support, encourage and take initiatives to retain sustainable harvesting of Açaí.
Our mission is to:

  • Share the true natural flavor and benefits of Açaí
  • Encourage organic harvesting of this great fruit
  • Achieve sustainable growth by conducting fair business

Our Approach

We value Fair trade as an indispensable part of our approach to business. Our Açaí is organically harvested by farmers, to whom we are related by more than trade. Both we and the farmers run our businesses on a sustainable basis with joint and healthy growth. That naturally demands trust, respect and such cooperation takes more than a single harvest to establish. We actively participate in initiatives to educate our harvesters on how to adapt organic farming principles. Allow them access to economic opportunities without compromising their natural habitat.